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H A I R   E X T E N S I O N S

We are proud to announce that we stock NANO RING Hair Extensions in our salon.

We use only the highest quality 100% remy hair for all services which means this is cuticle retained for smooth long lasting real hair extensions. Whether your looking for a full head of mega volume or for our 'Hair Filler' services where we add a few pieces to add thickness where needed, we have got you covered for your ultimate #hairgoals. 

All you need to do is book a complimentary consultation with us. Give us a call & we can arrange this for you so we can start your journey to having dreamy hair.



Our hair extensions are one of the most discreet extensions method there is out there. They look more natural because they lie almost completely flush against the head, AND cause the least amount of damage to your natural hair (when correctly maintained and cared for).

Each extension weighs 1g per strand of natural ratio hair, giving that extra thickness. Suitable for hair types, to create luscious results of volume and style! And as if that wasn't enough they are also reusable making them the most cost effective type of extensions too! (almost up to a year, reusing the hair on average of 3 times)


Our hair extensions are light-weight and safe for all hair types, even ultra-fine hair. No heat or chemicals are needed for application.  They can even help discuses breakage in damaged hair. 

They are best worn for 6-8 weeks, and removed with our special remover for a non-damaging removal. The hair itself is re-usable up to 3 times (providing you don't want to change your hair colour) meaning you don't have to purchase new hair every time your extensions need to removed and reapplied.

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So here at Its All About You Yateley we are obsessed with balayage (you might have noticed) so it was super important that the extensions we stock were to be the most beautifully blended colours to compliment and enhance the work of our amazingly talented team so we are able to colour match perfectly.

Gone are the days of extension appointments taking all day,  these can be applied in as little as 90 minutes for a slight boost (e.g. filling out the sides) or approximately 2/3 hours for a full head application for mega volume!


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