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S A L O N  P O L I C I E S

Appointment Cancellation Policy

We kindly ask that if you wish to cancel your appointment that you give us at least 48 hours notice.

This policy is in place out of respect for our staff members and clients.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are difficult to fill.


Lateness Policy

If for any reason you are running late for your appointment please call us on 01252 872 605

We work very hard to schedule the right amount of time for each service. Accommodating late guests is often impossible without disrupting every other guest scheduled that day. Please be aware in the unfortunate event you are late, we cannot guarantee that your services will be performed that day. Lateness of 10 minutes or more may require rescheduling your appointment for another day and the loss of your deposit.


Service Satisfaction

If after your appointment you are not satisfied with your service, we ask you to please contact the salon within 7 days of that service. We would like every opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations, as we value you as a client. If you have simply changed your mind or if you return after the 7 days, normal charges will apply. If you have altered or attempted to alter a hair colour or cut yourself or by a third party this guarantee becomes null and void.


No Shows

 If you miss three consecutive appointments without contacting the salon, you will be unable to schedule future appointments.


Skin Testing

If a skin test is required for your colour services and you fail to have one done, then we have no choice but to cancel your appointment. Skin tests must be carried out 48 hours or before your appointment. At ITS ALL ABOUT YOU we insist on following the rules and regulations of the manufacturers that supply our colour for your own safety and well being.

It is very rare for a reaction to occur but if it does it can be very severe and can even cause hospitalisation - this is a risk that we are not willing to take.


Gift Vouchers

No refunds will be given for gift voucher purchases. Gift vouchers are NOT redeemable for cash. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the purchase date. Gift voucher are redeemable in salon only against products and services. If change is required this will be given in the form of a credit on your profile at the salon to be redeemed on your next visit.


Are you dog-friendly?

We are proud to be a dog-friendly salon and welcome you bringing you K9 companions with you. If you bring your doggy with you we kindly ask they are fully house trained, vaccinated and friendly with other dogs and people.



At ITS ALL ABOUT YOU we really want you to LOVE your hair and to make sure we get you booked in for the right service and ensure we can reach your #hairgoals it might be necessary for you to come to the salon for a consultation. 

Personal Belongings

The company will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage (including clothing) to any personal belongings that you bring to the salon with you. While the team will always endeavour to keep your personal belongings safe and undamaged we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of your personal possessions while on the premises. We do take every precaution possible to protect your clothes from colour but we would advise you to wear something appropriate to avoid disappointment. High necklines and collars are best avoided. 

We highly recommended not to wear expensive clothing while getting your hair coloured at the salon.

Extra Long & Thick Hair 

We kindly ask that you let us know at the time of booking your appointment if you are a real-life mermaid and have extra long hair or thick hair as we may need to book extra time on to your appointment to achieve your desired look. If you do not tell us and our standard appointment time is not long enough we will have no choice but to reschedule your appointment and you will lose any deposit paid.

Please be aware that there is an extra charge for long/thick hair of £30 per service. This is purely because we have to book out more time and use an extra product in the hair. 

Gift Vouchers

1. Vouchers are valid for a year from purchase and can not be used after that date.

2. Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.

3. Vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or other denominated vouchers.

4. If an intended purchase is for a higher amount than the face value of the voucher(s), the difference can be made up with a credit card/cash payment. If it is less, then change cannot be given.

5. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any special promotions, discount, coupons or cards.

6. Vouchers cannot be sold to any third parties without our consent. If we do give our consent then such consent may be subject to any conditions which we impose. In any event, you may not sell the Vouchers through the internet without our express written consent, which you must obtain before making any such sale. We reserve the right at all times to refuse to permit any sale of Vouchers by you to a third party.

7. Vouchers can not be redeemed online.

8. Vouchers are redeemable against all services and products sold in the salon.

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